Magnetic Catches

Magnetic catches are used in various objects around the house, mainly on cupboards or doors, they save you having to fit hinges to a door, the magnetic catches will enable the door to shut without falling open.

Magnetic catches are an ideal solution when you do not want doorknobs. Once fitted to a door you would simply press it and a spring-loaded catch pops it open, press it again and its magnetic catch will close and will hold it shut.

Magnetic catches are easy to install, all you need to do is select where on the cupboard you want the catch to go, once in the correct position simply screw into place, then line up the steel place and screw that into place. Once the magnetic catches are fixed and in position, you can open and close the doors with ease, and be assured that the, catches will hold it securely shut.

Magnetic Catches are inexpensive and less fiddly to fit than hinges, as well as cupboards they can be fitted on wardrobes and all types of doors. They can come in a variety of fittings and sizes so you should be able to find the perfect catch for what you require.

Magnetic catches will most likely have a neodymium magnet built-in (this is one of the strongest magnets) so allows the cupboard to stay securely shut. The doors will not be able to drift open, so are great for storing medicines or things away from children.

Magnetic Companies will hold an extensive range of magnetic catches, in various styles and designs, so speak to the experts and see what product will work the best for you. They should be available for outdoor and indoor fixtures and fitting so they would even work out in the elements on things like shed doors and gates.

You could be searching for a discreet closure or something that will guarantee a secure door catch system, contact your local magnet supplier and they should be able to advise you and point you in the right direction.

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