Boiler Service

Get the Very Best Boiler Service

The time is fast approaching when the nights start to get colder, imagine sitting at home on a cold winters night to find your boiler making strange noises and no longer working correctly. This is a nightmare situation that nobody wants to find themselves in, however, this all could have been prevented from having by ensuring you have an annual boiler service. Knowing when to service your boiler can be a mystery as not everyone is a qualified professional but there are certain situations where you should consider having a boiler service both for the safety of your boiler and your wallet.

 Annual Boiler Service

As a rule of thumb, you should always make sure you schedule a regular boiler service every year. An annual boiler service is recommended for all boilers in domestic properties, this is recommended as a yearly regular boiler service is a frequent enough service to keep your boiler in excellent working condition. An annual boiler service gives enough time to ensure there is limited wear and tear on the components within the boiler, however, it allows time if a problem is spotted for it to be repaired and replaced.

Boiler Service

Boiler Service in the Summer

You should always be planning with your boiler service, many companies become extremely busy around specific times of the year so you can find it a struggle to get an effective and efficient qualified engineer out as quick as possible. A top tip when looking into your boiler service is to prepare for the winter well in advance, book your boiler service in the summer months so an available heating engineer can see you sooner and your boiler service leaves you ready to tackle the harsh winter about to come.

Boiler Service for Your New Home     

When moving into a new home there are a lot of things that need checking and organising, but one basic household appliance that is often overlooked is the condition of the boiler and when the last boiler service was conducted on the property. We recommend that a boiler service should be conducted immediately when you settle into your brand new home. This way you can know when the last service was conducted to keep up with them annually and stop the risk of there being an unknown problem with the boiler when you try to use it on brisk nights.