Egg washer

What is an egg washer?

An egg washer is a piece of equipment used on egg farms. It is used to clean the eggs in bulk before they are packaged and sent off for sale to remove any dirt and debris that is visible and ensure that the eggs are safe to eat.

Should you get an egg washing machine?

We personally think that every egg farmer should invest in an egg washer. This is due to many reasons including the fact that if you work within the food industry, everything should be clean and as close to ‘ready to eat’ as possible.

An egg washing machine plays a large part in the process of producing eggs. There are many egg washers available on the market to suit all size farms and to assist washing the eggs before sent off for sale.

How an egg washing machine works

All egg washers work in a similar way, so it doesn’t matter on the make or model you decide to go with, they will all function like the below:

The equipment is fitted with a variety of spray nozzles and brushes along with a water pump. The water is pumped through the washer at a high pressure (this will help to clear the eggs from dirt) and mixes with a disinfectant (this will have to be brought separately) to ensure the high pressure does not break or harm the eggs in any way. The eggs are then washed in the solution and furthermore, dried (this will help to stop the eggs from breaking).

Magnet Suppliers

Are you looking for magnet suppliers, how do you know which is a good company to choose and if they will have the magnets that you require? We suggest doing your own research on magnet suppliers and making sure that you find the most suitable company for you.

Most magnet suppliers will have a variety of magnets for sale. Typically there are four categories of magnets, these are known as :


Samarium Cobalt


Ferrite magnets


There are others which if you need, you can obviously ask your magnet supplier to source these for you. There are many magnets that are found in day-to-day items and devices such as fridges, microwaves, there are also things in your office that will also have magnets in that you might not realize things such as computers and printers all have magnets inside to help them function.

Magnet suppliers can obviously supply magnets, but they also can supply magnet separators, industrial size magnets, and magnetic assemblies.

When searching for magnet suppliers, read reviews, ask friends and family, this way you will make sure you choose a reliable company that can supply and sells you any magnet that you need. Many companies will have the experience and knowledge to answer any questions that you may have, and if they don’t know they will be able to find out for you and supply the magnets you require.

Some companies will be able to offer you on-site demonstrations, sample testing and offer you the best recommendations for what you need if you are not sure. Do not hesitate to contact your magnet representative and lean on them to give you their expert advice and guidance for your magnet suppliers’ requirements.



The Different Types of Air Conditioning

There are many different types of air conditioner available on the market today. Depending on what you require will influence your decision on an air conditioning unit.

Air Conditioning Stafford

Window Air Conditioner

This type of air conditioning unit is installed in the window of a room. These units are ideal for people living in small spaces. Efficiency is greatly reduced in larger homes as window air conditioners will struggle to cool the bigger space.

Portable Air Conditioner

Portable air conditioning works by taking air from the room, cooling it and then pumps it directly back into the room. The warm air is vented outside using an exhaust hose installed in a window.

Mini-Split Air Conditioner

These systems have an outdoor compressor unit and an indoor unit. Mini-split air conditioners are ideal for cooling individual rooms as each unit can be controlled by a thermostat.

Central Air Conditioning

This is the most common type of air conditioning available for home use. Larger homes can be cooled efficiently with central air conditioning, cool air is circulated through supply and return ducts.

A lot of planning and preparation goes into the sizing of the air conditioning system as installing one too large will end up in high utility costs for the end user.

Finding the right company to install your air conditioning can be difficult with the many choices available on the market. If you’re in the Midlands, then trying air conditioning could be worth a try when considering an air conditioning installation.

Getting a T.V aerial fitted in Birmingham

Television Aerial Installation Birmingham

The most common question that you often heard when it comes to TV aerial installation is, do I really need to hire a professional installer for a job like that? Do I really have to spend some money just to install a TV aerial at home? Truly, hiring a professional TV aerial installation Birmingham professional is not for free. Fitter installing a tv aerialRather than installing the antenna or aerial by yourself, a certain cost of money should be paid if you hire an expert or a professional installer to assist you. Yet there are several advantages when you opt for the professional’s help.

Ladders and heights are part of the job

First, you can guarantee of getting the right assistance. There are many options as to the kind of aerial installation that you can go for these days. Several digital boxes, antennas and dishes can be used in order for your TV set to get the best signal that it needs to produce the best picture that you have been wanting. If you have the right aerial installation Birmingham professional to help you out, they can make the proper assessment and check to identify which option suits you best. There will be a series of testing required in order to measure the signal strength in your location. Then they can tell what kind of equipment of aerial to be used to improve the picture on your TV set.

Television is part of modern life, they all require aerials

Second, you can get things done fast and with less hassle. If you imagine the hassles of re-positioning your TV aerial back and forth but you are still not getting the best reception. The frustrations of trying it for so long and still got no luck in getting what you want are obviously big. But with the help of a TV aerial installation Birmingham professional, you can be sure that things will be done faster and easier. Lastly, the quality of workmanship. If you have the right aerial installation professional to help you out, you can be sure that you will be getting the best quality of help. With the help of the person or people that have the right knowledge and skills, you can be sure that you will get the long term benefits of watching a clearer television at home.

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