Egg washer

What is an egg washer?

An egg washer is a piece of equipment used on egg farms. It is used to clean the eggs in bulk before they are packaged and sent off for sale to remove any dirt and debris that is visible and ensure that the eggs are safe to eat.

Should you get an egg washing machine?

We personally think that every egg farmer should invest in an egg washer. This is due to many reasons including the fact that if you work within the food industry, everything should be clean and as close to ‘ready to eat’ as possible.

An egg washing machine plays a large part in the process of producing eggs. There are many egg washers available on the market to suit all size farms and to assist washing the eggs before sent off for sale.

How an egg washing machine works

All egg washers work in a similar way, so it doesn’t matter on the make or model you decide to go with, they will all function like the below:

The equipment is fitted with a variety of spray nozzles and brushes along with a water pump. The water is pumped through the washer at a high pressure (this will help to clear the eggs from dirt) and mixes with a disinfectant (this will have to be brought separately) to ensure the high pressure does not break or harm the eggs in any way. The eggs are then washed in the solution and furthermore, dried (this will help to stop the eggs from breaking).